The iteration_utilities package is a C extension python package supporting the Python versions:

  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.5+ (older Python 3 versions may work but are not actively supported)

Using pip

and can be installed with pip [0]:

  • pip install iteration_utilities

or to install the development version:

  • pip install git+

Using conda

It can by installed with conda [2] from the conda-forge channel:

  • conda install -c conda-forge iteration_utilities

Manual installation

To manually install the package you need to download the development version from git [1] and install it:

git clone
cd iteration_utilities
python install

with the clone from git one can also run:

python test          # run the test suite
python build_sphinx  # local documentation build



  • python2 2.7 or python3 3.5+
  • setuptools
  • C compiler


  • pytest
  • pytest-runner


  • sphinx
  • six
  • numpydoc