Changelog for “iteration_utilities”

Version 0.11.0 (2020-11-19)

  • The functions implemented in C now parse boolean arguments based on their truth value instead of their integer value. This should be unnoticeable in typical usage.

  • Added always_iterable which wraps non-iterable inputs with an iterable.

  • Added empty as singleton representing an empty iterable.

  • The type of Placeholder which was previously accessible as PlaceholderType private.

  • Added Python 3.9 support.

Version 0.10.1 (2019-11-20)

  • Fixed reference counting bugs in merge, minmax, and sideeffects.

Version 0.10.0 (2019-11-16)

  • Exception message for one if the iterable contains more than one element does show the first two elements.

  • Fixed a bug in grouper that lead to a fatal exception.

Version 0.9.0 (2019-11-02)

This library does not support Python 2.7 anymore. Attempting to install iteration_utilities on Python <= 3.4 should not work anymore.

  • Add the statistics functions introduced in Python 3.6 and 3.8 as methods on the Iterable class. This includes:

    • fmean (Python >= 3.8)

    • geometric_mean (Python >= 3.8)

    • harmonic_mean (Python >= 3.6)

    • multimode (Python >= 3.8)

    • quantiles (Python >= 3.8)

  • Add a new recipe from the itertools documentation: nth_combination.

Version 0.8.0 (2019-10-27)

Support for Python 3.3 and 3.4 was dropped. But it now supports Python 3.7 and 3.8. This will be the last release supporting Python 2.

  • Iterable.islice will raise a more appropriate TypeError when called without arguments.

  • partial only allows plain str as keyword-names in CPython 3.8.

  • Some constants have been available in the module namespace that were intended to be private. These have been removed. This includes EQ_PY2, GE_PY3 and similar constants.

  • Added support for PyPy (3.5 and 3.6).

  • Use experimental vectorcall protocol (PEP 590) in a few places.


  • Solomon Ucko (@sollyucko)

Version 0.7.0 (2018-01-28)

  • Add __sizeof__ method for partial to return a more accurate size for the instance.

  • Fixed a problem when creating merge instances depending on the compiler.

Version 0.6.1 (2017-04-15)

  • The __next__ or next method of the processed iterator is not cached in the iteration_utilities iterators anymore. This correctly handles the (rare) case that this method is reassigned or deleted.

Version 0.6.0 (2017-04-08)

  • Renamed func parameter name of partition to pred.

  • Renamed function parameter name of tabulate to func.

  • The key attribute of ItemIdxKey throws an AttributeError if it is not set and an attempt is made to get or delete it.

  • Added several attributes to classes.

  • Fixed a Bug in deepflatten when isinstance fails for the classes given as types or ignore parameter.

  • Changed internal package structure (shouldn’t affect end-users that imported everything from iteration_utilities directly).

  • improved performance of all_isinstance and any_isinstance.

  • improved performance of replicate.

  • replicate now throws an exception if the times argument is smaller or equal to 1.

  • corrected handling of exceptions and overflow in __length_hint__ methods.

Version 0.5.2 (2017-03-30)

  • fix release (again).

Version 0.5.1 (2017-03-30)

  • fixed major mistake that made 0.5.0 unusable. (%R formatter isn’t allowed in PyErr_Format).

Version 0.5.0 (2017-03-30)

  • minor speedup for next(merge).

  • removed unused key parameter from combinations_from_relations.

  • replaced Iterable.as_string parameter seperaror (sic!) by seperator.

  • included signature for __reduce__, __setstate__ and __length_hint__ methods.

  • fixed Seen.contains_add method signature.

  • fixed potential segfault in ItemIdxKey.__repr__.

  • removed unnecessary __setstate__ method for ItemIdxKey.

  • various __setstate__ and __reduce__ methods were changed so they can’t used to cause segmentation faults, SystemError or blatantly wrong behaviour. However, serializing or copying such an instance can significantly slower as a result of this change. Unpickling these instances from previous versions could be impossible and copy.copy is not supported (and probably won’t be ever because itertools.tee interacts with __copy__ methods). Affected iterators: chained, deepflatten, duplicates, grouper, intersperse, merge, roundrobin, sideeffects, split, successive, unique_everseen, unique_justseen.

  • added __repr__ method for chained, complement, constant, flip, nth and packed.

  • fixed a bug with partial when the function kept the arguments and a call only provided exactly the number of arguments as there are placeholders in the partial.

  • Applying flip on another flip instance now simply returns the original function.

  • chained now unwraps (if possible) other chained instances when creating a new instance. This is only done if this won’t change the current behaviour.

Version 0.4.0 (2017-03-20)

  • Seen and ItemIdxKey can detect recursive objects in their repr.

  • The representation for Seen and ItemIdxKey now uses the classname even for subclasses.

  • added partial callback class, which is essentially functools.partial but also allows positional placeholders.

  • several functions now interpret None as if that argument for the function wasn’t given:

    • key argument for minmax, merge, argmin and argmax.

    • reduce argument for groupedby.

    • all arguments for Seen.__new__.

Version 0.3.0 (2017-03-09)

  • implemented __length_hint__ method for clamp. However sensible results (!= 0) are only possible if remove=False or both low and high were not set.

  • fixed SystemError in several functions when accessing the next item of the iterable resulted in an Exception different from StopIteration.

  • added starfilter iterator.

  • added packed callback class.

  • fixed a segfault in complement.__call__ method when the function raised an Exception.

  • fixed a segfault in partition when bool(item) raised an Exception.

  • included a missing ValueError in split when two of the keep* parameters are True. The case where all three were given already raised the correct exception.

  • clamp now interprets low=None or high=None as if the corresponding value wasn’t given. Before it tried to compare the items with None.

Version 0.2.1 (2017-03-01)

  • fixed segfault in nth when retpred=True.

Version 0.2.0 (2017-02-27)

  • added remove parameter to clamp.

  • made deepflatten string-aware. For other recursive-iterable classes a RecursionException (or RuntimeException on python < 3.5) is raised instead of freezing.

Version 0.1.0 (2017-01-25)

  • initial release